Is it the riveting conversation? The ability to rub any, See its not conceivable. Me was not thinking of any Adversity When I thought Fanani Flava Only Nicesities Maybe It's the wine And the understanding wiles The place we've set for life to have smiles At every stage like a baby growing Though there's the late night pledge It's all a beauty wedged In its experience Fanani Flava; A place to Savor By Ketronique

Gladys Fahari


Could I really be?
Rest assured that I am
Is that the ultimate end?
What next after
Is this a human manufacture?
A mode to console ourselves
Keep going

What is happy?
Who is happy?
Is it a fceling?
A thing
Or just a person

How do I know I'm happy?
If I don't know what happiness really is?
Is it satisfaction?
Or just nothing at all'?

Maybe I am happy
Or I'm I not?
When will I be happy?
How can I be happy?

Are you happy?
When did you get there?
How docs it feel to be? S
hould I be green?
Or, have I reason to bawl

Can be Only if
Let yourself
Don't look too far
Plain things make

Gladys Fahari

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luihamu said...

Yes happiness
good piece of work,i like it.