Is it the riveting conversation? The ability to rub any, See its not conceivable. Me was not thinking of any Adversity When I thought Fanani Flava Only Nicesities Maybe It's the wine And the understanding wiles The place we've set for life to have smiles At every stage like a baby growing Though there's the late night pledge It's all a beauty wedged In its experience Fanani Flava; A place to Savor By Ketronique


Golden street lights washed the entrance to the ‘A Novel Idea’ in Slipway, inside the riveting display of books in two floors with open walls called in for another session of Fanani Flava on the 29th last month.
It was around 7:30pm that I arrived with a friend who has been a very once in a while member. I was a little nervous as I looked at the attendance. As usual, Laurent was in the shop, a bit later there was Cuthbert and I thought here we’ll have another small session. I was wrong before I took a calm breath there was a swarm of new friends in Fanani Flava. It was really refreshing…
We began with the customary introductions; there was Daniel Kimaro he noted he loves poetry, Ahmed Ali first time in a poetry session…Almat Hometo with her colleague Jasmine Fernandez from USA currently visiting. These two aren’t new to poetry or art, at the time they were helping the build of a poetry club in one of the secondary schools in Dar.
Other ‘newbies’ included Alex Hartman who wasn’t sure if he was ‘into poetry’ but awaited to see as he thought he was dropping in for a play. Also there was Laila Kanumba. Marc Mkono. Britney Urasuah, Patrick and Mariam Silas in this category it was great to have a full house.
Other members we know were there, Cuthbert Swai, Bakir (he disappeared halfway). Upendo Hartsuiker, Irena, Laurent and Caroline Uliwa…these were privy to the session’s theme which is ‘Money’. Soon we were onto the meat of the session where we digest poems and other Fanani treats….first up was a new member ‘Jasmine’
Her poem which had quotes the like ‘Heart bleeds….walk too freely.” Was delivered with real passion. Standing up this red head reminded many of member Maya Wegerif in her delivering style.
I’ll add the distinct difference with the two poets lies in their content. While Maya’s poems lend on direct and lyrical, Jasmine’s poem extends in the imagery descriptive especially in her depict of the human emotions.
The ladies loved this piece it talked of a woman’s broken heart in real terms hardly captured in this theme. The guys were mayhap a little stunned for words…
“Love it…..very relatable” Upendo Hartsuiker
“Very Feminist…” Patrick
“Very assertive” Cuthbert.

‘I give you my senses’ Upendo Hartsuiker
This poem recited calmly whilst sitting down had quotes like “Sun….raspberry..You really worked the senses”. Had the sensuousness of a lovers talk sprinkled with undeniable shared surrender, it was much appreciated for its pierce to the heart and really warranted not much discussion as it was a sweet straight dedication to a love.

I bet your wondering who brought a poem on ‘Money’ as this was the intended theme. The next poet did.

‘Money’ Cuthbert Swai
This was perhaps one of the shortest worded poems we’ve heard here in Fanani. With quotes ‘Small Big Weak Strong…Car Love…..You’ve got to have it” It provoked much discussion. Everyone at first was a little flabbergasted as it was words with one sentence at the end.
Still in talking ‘money’ it was soon realized the connection. And everyone got into thinking or talking on money and its importance in our lives.

‘……..Oh my God hivi napelekwa wapi?’ Laurent
Laurent read us a piece that could well have launched his literary career…so emotive yet illusive it displays a candid experience in the prisons of our country. So moved was the audience, with such quotes as “Oh my God 13 days to go…’GODORO YA TATU KWA SITA’ That’s roughly 6 years.” Had we all moved to think on the larger issues pertaining our social justice…

The next poem was by meself titled…

‘Money’ Caroline Uliwa
With quote going “The choice to taste of Earth’s sweet bricks…One day like my birth right…” It was met with a bit of perplexity from the audience.
“Whaaat?” Alex.
Still after re-reading it, it was to get general feedback veering towards two fonts. One that the persona in the poem is still without personal family and looking at the world for freedom and opportunity, the other that it was relatable on that Money=Choice.

Our last poem was from Irena…we hadn’t seen this member for a while….

‘Money’ Irena
With lines echoing “The mother and child, On the red dirt below the billboards….The kid cheers. There’s money here.” This poem was easier understood, with comments flying on the experiences of many with street beggars. With some sympathizing as well being annoyed by the lack of imagination in such a line of finding a living..

Well that was FANANI FLAVA March’2011 this month the theme decided was ‘BABIES’………

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