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February 2010

Hate or Love

What is hate

What do I hate?

The dictionary definition is–

“An intense dislike of person(s) or thing(s).”

Hate is not the opposite of love,

Ask anyone in love, they’ll tell you.

Love’s opposite is indifference

But should I ever hate- is this a valid emotion?

Maybe, but never, never be without love

Some say love and hate must co- exist.

If I don’t hate, can I prove I ever love.

If I don’t hate injustice, can I truly love justice.

If I don’t hate war, can I truly love peace

If I don’t hate pride, can I be humble?

If I don’t hate wrong, can I value what’s right?

If I consider someone worthy, will I treat them poorly?

Won’t I hate unworthy treatment of any other

If I love good sense, in some way I’ll hate non-sense.

If I love family, must I not hate infidelity?

If I love my country and country men,

Won’t I hate the misuse of funds for selfish ends?

And if I indulge in this – my love must surely be in question

Yeah, in some sense true pure hate can be good

But never, never, without love.

Can give up some of my comforts for what I believe?

If I don’t can I really love another

As much as I love myself?

How about forgiveness?

Does it mean I tolerate all ill

No, its about my own rights

Though I know I’m owed them,

I can give them up

Here too, never be without love

I will fight and even die for something worthier

But for my defense, my acquittal

I must await a higher judge

For my heart is deceitful

Don’t the Scriptures say, above all else

And does experience not bear this out?

For in the name of nobility

I can act selfishly

If I hate all ills, I must have a higher love

A higher call

A high and lofty cause

Such as one for which Mandela lost his freedom

For which the Christ lost,

No, rather gave his life

As the ultimate act of love

The heart knows an ultimate sacrifice is made

If one hates something more than life itself

Hates selfishness, idolatory, hates injustice,

Hates oppression, hates all ills

To hate these, one must have a higher love

And for that give up ones life or freedoms

Yeah, in some sense true pure hate can be good

But never, never without love.

For love is gentle, patient and kind,

Not self-seeking or envious,

Not boastful not proud

It does not even notice others doing it wrong

If I do even noble things without love,

They will be worth nothing at all

So never, never, be without love

....Annie Forester, Feb 2010

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