Is it the riveting conversation? The ability to rub any, See its not conceivable. Me was not thinking of any Adversity When I thought Fanani Flava Only Nicesities Maybe It's the wine And the understanding wiles The place we've set for life to have smiles At every stage like a baby growing Though there's the late night pledge It's all a beauty wedged In its experience Fanani Flava; A place to Savor By Ketronique

March 2008

African love

The angels are singing and dancing,
While their tattered attire make fun of they,
They donʼt seem to notice the joke,
Because heaven has too much to offer.

The mamas are pounding the grain,
While their sagging breasts dance frantically,
They donʼt feel the blisters burning,
Because the love is too great.

The men are cutting and digging,
While the sun bakes their backs,
They only thinking of the angels and mamas,
Because they all that matters.

The grandmas are resting on their mats,
While days and weeks unfold,
They indulging their memories,
Because it was a journey well traveled.

The grandpas are smoking their pipes,
While farting freely and fairly,
They proud they taught them sons and daughters,
Because everyone is in love.

The love is true and sincere in Africa,
While the rest of the world is acting,
They understand not the meaning,
Because they caught up in the curse.

By Fahari, March 2008

1 comment:

Dominick said...

Tribute to She Brat

Here she goes again
Her goals to attain
Forgotten disdain
Rightful place to regain

Brat is her name
Needless to rename
Like a lioness to tame
Safeguarding her fame

Resplendent in black
Right on the clock
Sherpherded like a flock
Knock knock goes the knock

Lovely greeting for a smile
Lingering for a while
Flowing like the nile
Forever more than a mile

There goes my brat
Proudly sneering like a cat
Me quivering like a cat
Nevertheless enjoying a catly pat

By The He Brat