Is it the riveting conversation? The ability to rub any, See its not conceivable. Me was not thinking of any Adversity When I thought Fanani Flava Only Nicesities Maybe It's the wine And the understanding wiles The place we've set for life to have smiles At every stage like a baby growing Though there's the late night pledge It's all a beauty wedged In its experience Fanani Flava; A place to Savor By Ketronique

August 2008 "Words" - Composed & read by Maya M.

Words used as bait
For the fish who know not their fate
Words that pretend to relate
To ur situation or state
Of mind.

Words that were meant to be kind
Yet only leave behind
Scars. That no medicine can heal
Neither can apologies seal

Words that seduce
You. To produce
Words that give you false power
Make you stand taller than a twin tower
Those words make you feel like you’re in heaven
Only to collapse on 9/11

Words with false motivation
Am I correct in saying false motivation could be
someone’s occupation

Words rehearsed so much they sound fake
Words so dramatic they could be a script for ricki lake
Words that give not yet take
Everything at stake
By purposeful mistake

Words full of ammunition
Damaging words justified by good old ambition
Words of inquisition
Words that need to be answered seeking a
knowledgeable position

Words that trip
And slip
Out, like they hadn’t tied they’re shoelaces
Skitsofrenic words, 2 timing, with 2 faces
Bias words that degrade those of different races
Words with facial features, stick their noses in people’s

Words of habit, said without being planned
Repeated words, sold spat out and bought again for
second hand

Words of uprising, go hand in hand with a lifted fist
Words that would not take no for an answer, words that
And insist
On knowing more. Even when authorities tried to resist.

Words with no shame
That claim to know when all they know is to claim
Words said in prayer to relief life’s stress
Lord tame our tongues so that they don’t get us into a
hurtful mess
And words that hurt make them hurt a little less.
And Lord, instead of curse, may these tongues bless

Maya W.

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Sylvia said...

Nice one, Maya!
-Sylvia :)